Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wow oh wow!

We had 31/40 red, white, and blue blocks turned in. Two of those were still in their kit form....thanks to those people for being so brutally honest. Two were I.o.u. blocks, in pieces on a cutting table.

27 completed blocks were won by our friend Anita Gray. If you are the holder of one of the 9 unaccounted for blocks please send the kit, or the completed block to Anita. She's in the book.

Anita also won printed setting ideas, left over yardage from kit making, and the coveted free quilting coupon from Tops to Treasures. Congratulations Anita! There were many who coveted the blocks....including myself. Be sure to bring the finished quilt back to show and tell.

On a different note...I've been approached by Pinwheel Productions....she would like to sponsor a BOM free quilting coupon. How cool is that? More details to come on that bit of good news.

In the mean time....keep cool...and have a Popsicle or two.

You know you want to...

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