Friday, July 22, 2011

#**%##@ Computers!


I know that there are many people in the world who do not live and breath at the beck and call of their smart phones and computers. I would like to hope that I am one of them...but that is not the issue just now.

You've come to this site hoping to find the directions for the Frisco Quilt Guild's block of the month. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

The mechanics of blogdom arrange things in a hierarchy. It makes sense, you can only list so many things on one page. (Don't ask me how many that is. I don't know. But it makes sense that there should be a limit.). When this happens articles seem to disappear. They are not gone. They've been date...hmmm maybe I need to put the date on the kit labels....any way...

If you can not find Month 1 by scrolling down the page, then look to the bottom right hand corner. You will find a listing of months that have little triangles to the left and (#) to the right. Block one was posted in May. Click on May, and a listing of all postings will appear. Click on Month 1 to get the directions.

FYI the little triangles, carrots, appear in lots of software. Sometimes they are little plus signs. These tell you that there is more information squished inside. They are like magic outline bullets that open and close to save room on the page but keep the information attached. The (#) tell you how many things are squished into that bullet point.

Now...after you have gotten the directions for the block, or maybe before so you remember to do it, go to the top of this blog and enter your email address into the box. You really will get all of this sent right to you each time I post something.

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