"Oops!" BOM Patterns

Welcome to "Oops!",  the third volume of Quilty Friends blocks.

This series consists of 12 classic quilt blocks purposefully made wrong.

Each set of instructions includes step by step directions for creating the 12" finished block, as well as a special "how to" section for creating a unique quilt from it.

Pattern links will be added to this page near the end of each month starting with June 2013.  Click on "Month # - etc" or the picture to go to that months instructions.  If the words are not red, then the link is NOT active.

Have fun!!


Month 12 - June 2014 - Fly Swatter

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  1. Was fascinated with the idea of the wrong block and how you made it right. Some quilts really appealed to me but others seemed too busy. Somewhere in the first eleven blocks is my newest quilt project for my sister who is a little off the block.


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