Monday, December 17, 2012

CQF Month 7 - January 2013 - Respectible

General Description of Block:  This one will surprise you when it replecates.  The dominant red cross and Jacob's Ladder-esque center dissappear. 

Well, the red cross doesn't, but I am thinking that once we scrap-o-late it it will.   (Like that word?  I just made it up.)  What I see is a respectible arrangment of traditional pieced shapes culminating in big bulls eyes.
This is a nine patch block, constructed from nine 5 nine patch blocks and 4 squares in a square.
FQG:  Your kit contains fabric for the black pieces.  Where you see red in my directions substitute any color other than black, or white that you find in the kit fabric.  Where you see white, use white.  Where you see beige use a low volume (LV) or  text print.
"Low volume" is a trending phrase at the moment.    At it's simplest, it refers to fabric that is neutral (white, beige, or grey) with a graphic print on it.   Any of the fabrics in the photo below would be an example. 
Low Volume Fabrics
For our purposes please select a LV fabric that coordinates with the colors in the kit fabric.

Cutting Directions: (61 pieces, but some will be strip pieced to make it easier.)
  • White
    •  3, 2" x 8" rectangles
    • 4, 2" x 2" squares
    • 4, 5" x 5" squares
  • Red
    • 4, 2" x 2" squares
    • 1, 2" x 8" rectangle 
  • Black (Kit fabric)
    • 3, 2" x 8" rectangles
    • 1, 2" x 2" square
  • Beige (LV)
    • 2, 2" x 8" rectangles
    • 16, 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" squares
Sewing Directions:


  • Gather all little squares
    • 4 white,
    • 4 red
    • 1 black
  • Sew 3 sets of 3
    • 2 - white, red, white
    • 1 - red, black, red
  • Iron seam allowances towards the red.
  • Assembles resulting rectangles to make one square as pictured above.
  • Trim to 5" x 5" square

  • Gather all rectangular pieces
    • 1 red
    • 3 white
    • 3 black
    • 2 beige (LV)
  • Sew 3 sets of  3
    • 1 - red, white, black
    • 1 - white, black,  beige (LV)
    • 1 - black, beige (LV), white
  • Iron seam allowances towards the black.  Where black is on the outside edge of the set iron both seam allowances away from the center strip.
  • Cut each set into 4, 2" x 5" rectangles
  • Assemble pieces to make 4 identical squares as pictures above.
  • Trim each square to 5" x 5"

  • Gather
    • 16, beige (LV) squares
    • 4, white squares
  • Draw one diagonal line on the wrong side of each beige (LV) square.  This is your sewing line.
  • Progressing one corner at a time
    • Aline one beige (LV) square, right sides together, with the corner of a white square so that the drawn line is parallel to the corner.
    • Sew on line.
    • Pressing from the top of your piece, press the beige (LV) square in half towards the outer corner. (There will be 3 pieces of fabric there, leave it that way)
    • Repete 3 times to make 4 white squares with one beige (LV) corner.
    • Repete process with adjacent corner, 4 times to make 4 white squares with 2 beige (LV) corners.
    • Repete process with adjacent corner, 4 times again to make 4 white squares with 3 beige (LV) corners.
    • Repete process with remaining corner, 4 times to make 4 white squares with 4 beige (LV) corners.
    • Trim each square to 5" x 5"
Assemble Block:


  • Use the picture above to position pieces
  • Iron seam allowances towards the 9 patches.
  • When you assemble the whole block you will need to clip the seam allowances to allow them to lie toward the 9 patch blocks exclusively.  Proceeding in this manner allows you to minimize the amount of bulk in any one spot.
This is sort of what it will look like - only more colorful.  the +s and blocks will be all different colors.
 The stars show up better in person than in my photo
Bring your completed block(s) to the January metting of the Frisco Quilt Guild, (Tuesday January 22, 2013) to be eligible for the drawing.

I can't wait to see how this one turns out.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gentle Purple Reminder

Hello is the Ho, Ho, Ho-ing going?!

I have 11 kits left this month.  That means that there are 19 kits at large amongst our members, 19 opportunities to win a stack of lovely purple blocks, 33" of  wof yardage, 11 kits, and one coupon for free edge to edge quilting from Tops to Treasures.

Remember you have to bring a completed block to our next guild meeting to be eligible to win and that meeting is earlier than normal this month.

You need to finish your block by 6:30 pm, Tuesday, December 18, 2012!