Monday, November 14, 2011

Month 7?

Hello Quilty Friends,

I have a problem.  My son... that is him in the picture, his name is John... turns 16 on December 20.  (That's not the problem.)  That is also the night of our Christmas party and the date I would release the next block in our series.  (Problem.)

This is the quilt that I have in mind.  Doesn't it look cold?!  Imagine black and white corners with blues and purples in the center....oh yeah....and now imagine silver or blue metallic thread quilting cozy layers together with snow flakes or mittens.  Go light the fire and put on some hot chocolate.

The pattern is the same as Month 5 - November 2011, only the center block is changed to a nine patch.  I've named it Forest Flakes because I can't decide if it is a cold dark forest or a blizard of giant snow flakes.

Here's my question....wanna make it?....wanna chance to win all of the blocks, and free quilting?  Can we provide our own black and white fabric for the corners this time?  (Then I won't have to be at the meeting for this to work....not that I won't, but a boy only turns 16 once and I'd like the option to be with him.)

Leave me a comment - yes you can provide your own fabric for this, no you can not.  (Like that subtle print change hoping to influence your vote?  Sneaky huh.  I'll let you know how the vote goes.

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  1. Yes. I can provide my own black and white corner fabric.


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