Monday, May 9, 2011

Month 0

I'm about to embark on a new adventure. 

For the past four years I have been a member of the board of directors of the Frisco Quilt Guild.  It has been fun, but now I am ready to step along side my friends and help row the boat instead of stear.
My new job, effective June 2011 is to run the block of the month program.  In our guild this means that everyone makes the same block and then puts it in a pool.  The winner of the pool gets all of the blocks for that month.
Traditional setting of block of the month...
Trying to set BOM squares can be a challange
I want to take this to a new level.  I've won the blocks a couple of times, and I have to say it is grand, but there is always a bit of a puzzle as to how to put them all together.  My solution is "Quilty Friends."  I designed this BOM a couple of years ago for my best friend.  There are 12. 12 inch blocks...actually, there are a few more but that is another story...and they fit together either as multiples of the same block, or as a sampler quilt.  Either way - no more worries about how to set your collection.

Set in rows with sashing...and some extra sashing for the block that was made too small.
If you would like to join myself and the ladies of the Frisco Quilt Guild you are welcome to.  This is what you will need:
Fabric Requirements...
  • For the top
    • 5 colors: 1 dark, 1 light, 1 background, 2 contrasting/complementary mediums
    • Yardage:
      • dark - 1 1/2 yards (includes outer border of quilt)
      • light - 1/2 yard
      • background - 1 yard
      • 1st contrasting: 1 1/4 yards (includes inner border of quilt)
      • 2nd contrasting: 3/4 yards
  • For the back
    • 3 yards

When picking out your fabric think of these things...

The following are pictures of the quilts Kelli and I made.  Use them to help you sellect your fabrics.

A VERY GOOD example of the contrast you are looking for.
  Dark and light pinwheels stand out against the tan background and the pink and blue mediums.

 Make sure that your light fabric and your background fabric are very different.  This will help the secondary pattern emerge.
BAD!! example of contrast.
The polka dots in the pinwheels and the background are too close.
The background and the tan beach are too close.
 Make sure that your medium fabrics neither blend into the background nor the dark and light. 


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