Monday, February 11, 2013


We've all done it.  You know you have.  I know I have.  We're moving right along on our latest project just to discover at the pressing table that we've put one patch in wrong.  "Oops!" is NOT what we say...and I'm not going to tell you what we do say.  You already know that too.

The next series of block patterns is going to focus on 12 classic quilt blocks.  Each block will have a purposeful mistake in it.  The mistake will always be highlighted - that is done in a contrasting color to the rest of the block - so that the whole world can see.

What happens next is magical.

Twelve months of quilts made from 36 of the same 12" finished blocks, all with the same glaring mistake in them.  Just like the rest of my Quilty Friends quilts, these will not be sashed.  (Ya, I know the one at the top of this page is sashed...let's just get over that.)  I hope you are as pleased and surprised as I was when I started playing with them.

Look for the fun to start in June 2013.  That month I will post the last block of "Circle of Quilty Friends" and Month 0 for "Oops!".

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